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Pet Waste Flyer
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There are many ways we can prevent stormwater pollution in our community. Here are some tips:

litter in street

Tipcard – Litter 

pet goes on lawn

Poster – Pet waste

washing car

Poster – Car Wash

rain barrel garden

Holland Township Environmental Commission Stormwater Subcommittee

Corey Colaluce
Stormwater Coordinator
Office Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 7am to 3:30pm
Phone: 908-995-4435
Fax: 908-995-2629

Michael Keady
Davina Lapczynski

Maria Elena Jennette Kozak
EC Secretary
Monday – Friday 8:30-2:30pm
Phone: 908-995-0057
Fax: 908-995-0883