Environmental Commission

The Holland Township Environmental Commission serves as an advisory body to the Township Committee on natural resource planning and protection, open space issues, and in areas of environmental concern such as: pollution prevention and control, solid waste management, noise control and environmental appearance.  An increasingly important role of the Environmental Commission is to promote community awareness of the Township’s many and varied natural resources, including Township and County trails, our forest and wildlife resources, and the threat of destructive pest infestations (e.g., the Spotted Lanternfly).  The Environmental Commission seeks to promote environmentally sustainable practices in the home, in the garden and in the planning of new commercial and/or residential infrastructure in the township.


Environmental Resources

The Environmental Resources link above is where to find a plethora of information on the following topics -

  • Trails of Holland
  • Trees of Holland
  • Birds of Holland


• Michael Keady - 12/31/2022
• Raymond Note - 12/31/2022
• Jerry Bowers - 12/31/2023
• Dwight Pederson - 12/31/2024
• Davina Lapczynski - 12/31/2024
• David Harrison - 12/31/2024
• Regina Barna - 12/31/2023

Chairperson: Michael Keady
Secretary: Maria Elena Jennette Kozak
Land Use Board Liaison: Michael Keady
Township Committee Liaison Dan Bush
Recycling Liaision – Robert Thurgarland

Seven members appointed by the Mayor for three year terms, one of whom shall be a member of the Planning Board and all regular members shall be residents of the Township of Holland.


Michael Keady
Jerry Bowers
Davina Lapczynski
Secretary: Maria Elena Jennette Kozak

Musconetcong River Management Council with the Musconetcong Watershed Association

Dwight Pederson

Posters in PDF format. Click on the image you wish to open.

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Michael Keady
Maria Elena Jennette Kozak
EC Secretary

Meetings 1st Wednesday of the Month