Holland Township Residents

Holland Township is taking the next steps to conform to the Highlands Regional Master Plan by adopting two new ordinances detailed below.

Highlands Land Use Ordinance (Highlands Council Grant Task #5)

This ordinance will be examined by the Planning Board for consistency with the Holland Township Master Plan and then considered for adoption by the Township Committee at a public hearing in which the public can participate. The Highlands Land Use Ordinance is the logical follow-up to two previously-adopted documents: 1) The Highlands Environmental Resources Inventory, which listed the Highlands Resources in Holland Township; and 2) The Highlands Element of the Township Master Plan, which expressed our goals for protecting those resources. The Land Use Ordinance now being considered for adoption is intended to codify in law the goals expressed in the Element.

Click for the text of the Highlands Land Use Ordinance

Click for maps that are part of the Highlands Land Use Ordinance

Zoning Map (Highlands Council Grant Task #11)

The Zoning Map is the updated map of the Township showing the overlay of the new Highlands Zones as well as the older zoning designations. It is important to note that existing Zones are still relevant (for example, the Highlands Land Use Ordinance is applicable when three or more lots are created, so a two-lot subdivision would fall under the old R-5 rules). Once adopted, the printed map will be on display at the Municipal Building and the electronic version will be uploaded to our Holland Township website.

Click for the text of the Zoning Map ordinance

Click to see the new Zoning Map

Meeting Schedule

The Township Committee has a First Reading of the documents at the October 3, 2017 Township Committee Meeting and refers to Planning Board for Consistency Review.

The Planning Board conducts a Master Plan Consistency Review of the proposed documents and provides comments at the scheduled meeting of October 9, 2017.

The Township Committee will have a Second Reading and an advertised Public Hearing at the scheduled meeting on November 8, 2017. Public comments and questions are welcomed.

Click to go to the Highlands Council website and view all Holland documents, including the Highlands Environmental Resources Inventory and the Highlands Master Plan Element


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